As a member, you'll be able to manage your account online, check your royalty payments, register and amend your works, claim unpaid royalties and report your live performances once you've signed in.

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Payment dates

PRS pay royalties through four main distributions each year: in April, July, October and December. MCPS pay royalties each month. For overseas royalties, these dates may differ.

Reporting live performances

If you're a member, you can tell us about your live performances in the UK and overseas, using our live reporting service.

Claim music usage

We work closely with our network of international societies to capture information on the use of your music outside of the UK. However, it can help if you tell us about any uses of your music overseas, and can mean you'll be paid sooner.

Royalty payments and statements

See what to expect when we distribute royalties, how to check your statement and when you’re likely to be paid, depending on how your work is used.

Missing royalty payments

You could be missing royalty payments in your distribution if your work hasn’t been fully registered. Check our unpaid royalty lists before updating your work in our database.

Royalties for TV and film

Expecting a royalty payment for work that's been used in a film or TV programme? Check our cue sheets to see if it's included or when you're likely to be paid. 

switching account

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