Registering works

We can only distribute royalties for the use of works that have been registered on our works database.

As a writer or composer, you can register your own works and amend the details at any time. However, if you have a publisher, they will usually manage any registration and amendments on your behalf.

You’ll need to enter the following information to register a work:

  • CAE/IPI number of any other writers
  • title of work
  • name and writer of any existing work that’s been sampled or remixed
  • duration and instrumentation, if a classical or dramatic work

The following information isn’t mandatory. However, it will help us to collect for the use of your work:

  • duration (please use the recorded duration, if applicable)
  • any alternative titles

You’ll be given a reference when you submit your work details, followed by a unique tune code for each work.

If you're a publisher

Publisher members will need to supply an agreement number when registering works.

You can register and amend the work details of any writer or composer that you publish. If any of your writers also register, the system will tell us these duplicates have a possible match, so we can check and merge them when appropriate.

switching account

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