Once you're a PRS member and your work is registered on our database, we'll be able to claim royalties on your behalf when your music is used. Each registered work will be given its own unique tune code, which we use to identify when it's been used. 

If you're not a member, you can take a look around to see how works are managed in our database. You should also look at what we do before making your way to join us.

Search works

As a member you'll be able to search works to see the registered author and publisher details for each work. You'll also be able to check details such as tune code and duration.

Using other people's work

If you want to arrange, sample or remix a piece of music that you don’t own, you need permission from the rightsholder. You can find identify who they are by searching our works database

Quick guide to copyright

A definition of copyright and under UK law, along with suggestions on how to copyright your work, your rights as a copyright owner and how we manage your rights.


When there's more than one claim for the ownership or authorship of a work, either in part or full, you can track the status of the work with our counterclaims system. 

switching account

Switching your account...