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As a new PRS Member, this is your essential guide to making the most of your membership.

First steps

Register your music

Tell us about your musical works. We’ll track their use online, in broadcast and in public places so that you can get paid.

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Each writer must authorise their shares to avoid missing out on royalties

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If you have a publisher, check with them before registering. They may have done the work for you!

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If your works have been recorded, have your ISRC code to hand.

Live performances

Earn royalties from your live performances

Send us your setlists and we will match them directly to the works you have registered. This way, you will also get paid from playing live.

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Report your setlists at any time on your phone.

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Register your music before telling us about your performances.

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We encourage all live performers to submit their setlists, including DJs.

How it works

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Make the music

It all starts with a song. You write it, we’ll take care of it.

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Register the work

Before you can earn any royalties, your music needs to be registered with us.

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Report live performances

Let us know which songs you’re playing live and we’ll match them to your registered works.

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We license and collect

Once your music has been registered, we can collect royalties through licensing agreements that we have with our customers.

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We track and match

Through music tracking and matching, we know when your music is used, by who, and the royalties you are owed.

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From us to you

We pay any earned royalties direct to your bank account throughout the year. You can track these payments via online statements.

Checking all is in order

Check your statements

Online statements help you keep track of the money you make through your music. We pay members in April, July, October and December. If you’ve earnt any royalties, you’ll find them here.

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You can download a copy of your distribution statement in either PDF or CSV.

Ready to dive in?

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