Paying our members

PRS distributions

We pay out royalties to our members through four main distributions each year:

  • April
  • July
  • October
  • December

We have a £30 minimum threshold on royalty payments to UK bank or building society accounts and a £60 minimum threshold for overseas accounts. Royalty payments falling below these thresholds are retained until the threshold is reached, and are then paid out at the next scheduled distribution. Once a year, in the October main distribution, we lower the threshold to £1.

MCPS distributions

We pay out royalties to our members each month. You'll only receive royalties if they exceed £30 for the month. If your royalties haven't earned £30 by November, you will receive whatever total you have in the December distribution. If your royalties are paid into a bank outside the UK, you'll only receive royalties if they exceed £60. This is to keep our processing costs as low as possible.


Each distribution includes a detailed statement that shows which of your works have been played, performed, downloaded or reproduced. These statements also show how your work was used, and when. You can view your statement online and access your royalty data with tools to help you make faster, better business decisions.

switching account

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