Your statement

PRS statements

You’ll receive a detailed statement with every distribution in April, July, October and December. This is usually as a PDF attachment with one of your member emails, or through the post. 

What your statement tells you

PRS statements begin with an overview for the distribution period: as a total and as a chart that shows how your registered music was played or performed (e.g. on the radio, live performance).

A detailed breakdown then shows you the playing time and place for each of your songs, along with the royalties that each has generated. You will also be told of any adjustments, such as changes to royalty shares, which affect how much you’ve been paid.

MCPS statements

Understand the information on your MCPS royalty payment statement by reading these documents.

Usage group codes

BBC usage distribution codes

Sky usage distribution codes

Minimum payments

To help keep our processing costs as low as possible, we don't pay out on royalties below £30, although we reduce this threshold to £1 for the distribution in October.

If your royalties are paid into a bank account that's outside of the UK, we don't pay out on royalties below £60 until the December distribution.

If you get paid a distribution, you can check your latest royalty total whenever you log in to your account.

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