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  1. 7 Apr 2021

    MCPS announces record distribution to members in 2020

    The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) collects royalties for songwriter, composer and music publisher members, when their music is reproduced, in any format – including online, physical and synchronised.

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  2. 6 Apr 2021

    Girls I Rate, PRS for Music and PRS Foundation launch #GETHEARD Future Hitmaker Competition

    Opportunity to receive Future Hitmaker Awards of £1,000, £2,000 and £3,000

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  3. 23 Mar 2021

    PRS for Music’s MAPS at five: Continuing the fight against digital music piracy

    PRS for Music’s Member Anti-Piracy System has reported over 6.7m URLs to sites linking to or hosting PRS for Music repertoire illegally

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  4. 8 Mar 2021

    Tipping the scales: New figures show more women entering songwriting profession

    Nearly 2,000 women registered as professional songwriters and composers in the UK in 2020, up 12.3% year-on-year

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  5. 8 Mar 2021

    M Magazine publishes special digital edition in celebration of International Women's Day

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  6. 26 Feb 2021

    Leicester based music licensing business celebrates three years in the city

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  7. 25 Feb 2021

    The British Music Embassy reveals SXSW Online 2021 line-up

    35 acts put UK talent front and centre of renowned international festival

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  8. 19 Feb 2021

    PRS for Music welcomes CISAC and Your Music Your Future partnership

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  9. 18 Feb 2021

    Your Music Your Future partners with CISAC to educate creators on copyright buyouts

    Global education site explains creators’ remuneration options and the ramifications of accepting buyouts for their work

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  10. 17 Feb 2021

    Dan Gopal appointed Chief Commercial Officer of PRS for Music

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