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  1. 3 May 2017

    PRS for Music launches new live concert tool for members performing overseas

    PRS for Music has launched a new online tool to help members who perform their music internationally negotiate full and fair royalty settlements.

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  2. 26 Apr 2017

    International Stars Honoured At The 2017 Jazz FM Awards

    The Rolling Stones, Laura Mvula, Damien Chazelle, Donny McCaslin and Gilles Peterson were among the winners at the 2017 Jazz FM Awards, which took place this evening at Shoreditch Town Hall in the heart of East London.

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  3. 26 Apr 2017

    PRS for Music offers advice to Liverpool's songwriters and composers at local event

    PRS for Music is visiting Liverpool to offer a free event for local music creators.

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  4. 24 Apr 2017

    Girls I Rate in partnership with PRS for Music and Island Records

    Girls I Rate (GIR) has partnered with Island Records and PRS for Music to deliver the very first all-female “Girls I Rate #GETHEARD A&R Weekender”.

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  5. 21 Apr 2017

    Over half a billion pounds in royalties paid out in record financial performance in 2016

    Over half a billion pounds in royalties paid out to music creators as PRS celebrates record financial performance in 2016

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  6. 7 Apr 2017

    PRS for Music, ASCAP and SACEM initiate joint blockchain project

    ASCAP, SACEM, and PRS for Music initiate joint blockchain project to improve data accuracy for rightsholders

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  7. 23 Mar 2017

    PRS for Music and PPL launch joint initiative to link data sets

    PPL and PRS for Music have piloted a first-of-its-kind initiative to link each other’s data sets, jointly creating a prototype search tool to improve identification of sound recordings and musical works and the links between them.

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  8. 13 Mar 2017

    PRS for Music celebrates MAPS first birthday

    PRS for Music’s Member Anti-Piracy System celebrates impressive results one year on

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  9. 9 Mar 2017

    New tool introduced to report performances and help manage their rights

    2.5 million seconds of songs reported to PRS for Music in first 24 hours of new online tool activation

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  10. 9 Mar 2017

    Aw Shuck's! Norfolk restaurant celebrates national Music Makeover win

    Much-loved restaurant-in-a-yurt, Shuck’s, has been named winner of PRS for Music’s inaugural Music Makeover Restaurants competition, taking home a £5,000 prize to revamp the restaurant for live performances as it continues to support the local scene.

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