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  1. 8 Nov 2019

    Roger James and Mark Krajewski join PRS for Music

    PRS for Music announced today the appointment of two new members of its Executive Leadership Team. Roger James joins as Chief Commercial Officer and General Counsel and Mark Krajewski takes up the role as Chief Information Officer.

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  2. 8 Nov 2019

    David Lowe and Steve Levine head to Liverpool to offer free advice to music makers

    PRS for Music, the membership organisation that represents the likes of local Merseyside music stars CamelPhat, MiC LOWRY, The Wombats and over 140,000 music creators across the UK, is coming to Liverpool to inspire the next generation of musical talent.

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  3. 5 Nov 2019

    PRS for Music launches royalty dashboard for music creators

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  4. 4 Nov 2019

    BAFTA-nominated Composer Kevin Sargent heads to Newcastle to offer advice to music creators

    PRS for Music and the Musicians’ Union will also discuss what creators need to know in today’s complex world of music.

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  5. 31 Oct 2019

    PPL, PRS for Music and PRS Foundation to host OnTrack at BBC Music Introducing Live

    The space will feature industry professionals who will share advice, insights and performances for those looking to get their careers OnTrack

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  6. 30 Oct 2019

    PRS and The MU provide free advice to Hertfordshire music creators

    Experts share personal experiences and tips on how to release and make money from music

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  7. 24 Oct 2019

    PRS for Music and LANDR partner to offer AI audio mastering to music creators

    Free subscription for PRS members

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  8. 18 Oct 2019

    Producers and topliners unite at Amsterdam dance music songwriting camp

    Songwriters and producers from across Europe united this week to take part in the annual PRS for Music and Sony/ATV Music Publishing songwriting camp in Amsterdam.

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  9. 18 Oct 2019

    PRS for Music Explores: Artificial Intelligence

    Political figures and leading business professionals discuss potential affects artificial intelligence could have on music industry

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  10. 10 Oct 2019

    Industry experts head to Manchester to offer advice on how to make money from music

    Beth Parnell (Bandwagon Press), Mitch Page (Scruff of the Neck) and others explore importance of playlisting.

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