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  1. 21 May 2019

    Antony Bebawi, Tom Gray, Crispin Hunt and Philip Pope newly appointed to PRS Board

    Appointments made by PRS members at the PRS Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 21 May

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  2. 16 May 2019

    Andrea C. Martin appointed Chief Executive of PRS for Music

    She will take up the position on 17 June

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  3. 29 Apr 2019

    UK songwriters and composers generate a record £746m in music royalties

    Over 11 trillion uses of music processed from streaming services, live performance, television, radio broadcast and business use

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  4. 24 Apr 2019

    Nominations announced for The Ivors 2019

    The Ivors are sponsored by PRS for Music

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  5. 18 Apr 2019

    Jazz FM Awards 2019 Gold Award recipient revealed

    Jacob Collier Bags PRS for Music Gold Award Honour At Jazz FM Awards 2019

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  6. 1 Apr 2019

    PRS for Music's Paul Dilorito named Chair of DDEX Board

    Paul Dilorito succeeds Richard Thompson, formerly Emeritus CTO of Kobalt Music Group

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  7. 1 Apr 2019

    PRS for Music publishes 2018 gender pay gap report

    All UK companies who employ more than 250 people are required to publish figures relating to their gender pay gap

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  8. 26 Mar 2019

    Robert Ashcroft statement: EU Copyright Directive vote passes

    PRS for Music CEO welcomes positive result

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  9. 8 Mar 2019

    PRS for Music celebrates International Women's Day with Girls I Rate

    Four of the most hotly-tipped and outspoken women in UK music take to the stage for PRS Presents

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  10. 8 Mar 2019

    New figures from PRS for Music reveal extent of gender disparity in songwriting

    Over 1,000 women in the UK registered as working songwriters and composers last year

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