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  1. 6 Jun 2023

    PRS AGM 2023 Andrea Czapary Martin speech

    PRS AGM 2023

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  2. 4 May 2023

    On track for a great escape

    PPL, PRS for Music and PRS Foundation join forces in Brighton

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  3. 25 Apr 2023

    PRS for Music reports record-breaking revenues in 2022, up by 22.9% on 2021 to £964m

    Royalties paid out increased by 23.5% compared to 2021 to £836m

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  4. 17 Apr 2023

    PRS for Music and Orfium enter into partnership for licensing across the African continent

    Groundbreaking partnership expands PRS’s licensing coverage to music users based in Africa.

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  5. 29 Mar 2023

    PRS for Music reduces joining rate to £30 for music creators under 25s

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  6. 2 Mar 2023

    Women Make Music PRS Foundation

    PRS Foundation celebrate Women Make Music’s impact and call for industry support to address gender inequity

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  7. 16 Feb 2023

    PRS for Music’s Live Classical scheme renewed from 1 September 2023

    Enables increased rate flexibility for major orchestras, discounts for amateur groups to encourage live classical concerts

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  8. 24 Jan 2023

    PRS for Music publishes 2022 Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Report

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  9. 17 Jan 2023

    PRS for Music and PRS Foundation announce new multi year funding agreement

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  10. 12 Jan 2023

    Orange Mountain Music, PRS and Dunvagen Music Publishers announce Philip Glass: Refractions

    Featuring re-imagined works by Dan Samsa, NikNak, Carmel Smickersgill and felix taylor, the composer initiative sets the tone for creative career development.

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