PRS for Music statement on House of Commons Committee Misogyny in Music report

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Misogyny in any form is entirely unacceptable and today’s recommendations from House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee inquiry provide an opportunity for positive change. It is vital that we as an industry are the catalyst towards this change; as in any sector, there should be zero tolerance towards misogyny and sexism.

We continue to urge the industry, with support from the government, to implement robust policies to combat misogyny, sexual harassment, and discrimination in all its forms. Essential to this, is the need for independent, transparent, and accessible reporting mechanisms and improved representation of women in decision-making positions and senior leadership roles. *
We fully back positive industrywide initiatives like Keychange which support gender balance, as well as our own companywide schemes like ‘Speak Up’, which continue our commitment to fostering an inclusive organisation that values and embraces diversity.

Anyone who needs support should reach out to the Help Musicians helpline, staffed by highly trained call operators and open to anyone working in the music industry who is looking for help with bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, or the Musicians’ Union (MU) Safe Space scheme, which allows MU members to anonymously report incidents of sexual harassment.

Read the full House of Commons Committee report.

Should you experience any such issues within the industry, our safeguarding webpage details organisations which may help you find services which provide professional expertise and support.

*As an organisation, we have been working to create an inclusive environment within PRS for Music, not least for women, who represent 45% of our employees. PRS for Music company policies include zero-tolerance on all types of discrimination, such as sexism and misogyny.

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