Nexus programme

PRS for Music’s Nexus programme is addressing worldwide metadata issues, giving music creators greater control, and ensuring they are paid quickly and accurately.

Spearheaded by PRS for Music CEO Andrea Czapary Martin, the programme is part of PRS for Music’s committed investment in new technologies, which introduce increased efficiencies when paying royalties to members.

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The Nexus programme:


Bad data can lead to a delay in royalty payments, or creators missing out altogether.

This is why PRS, The Ivors Academy, the Music Publishers Association (MPA), and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) created the Get Paid Guide – straightforward step-by-step guidance designed to demystify music metadata.

Find out what music data is, what to do with it and why it matters.

New Services

Discover the online tool that offers songwriters, composers, music publishers and key industry players a clearer view of the data used to track music use.

With greater visibility over writer and composer credits, users will now be able to spot discrepancies that could impact their revenue. The Nexus metadata portal will soon give streaming platforms access to the writer information required for more accurate royalty payments.

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It can take months, sometimes even years, for songwriter and composer metadata to be matched to a recording. This delay inevitably impacts how quickly and accurately royalties can be paid.  

In response to this issue, PRS for Music and CISAC have launched a first of its kind initiative that will connect the International Standard Works Code (ISWC) and the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) at the point of release, ensuring links between songwriters, composers and song recording information.  

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