PRS for Music's Nexus programme is addressing worldwide metadata issues, giving music creators greater control and ensuring they are paid quickly and accurately.


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Revolutionising how creators get paid

Spearheaded by PRS for Music CEO Andrea Czapary Martin, the Nexus programme is part of PRS for Music's commitment to invest in new technology and deliver a transformative data strategy.

Nexus portal

Discover the online tool that offers songwriters, composers and publishers unprecedented access to their data.

Launch features

  • Explore a subset of the PRS for Music works database
  • Close to three million searchable works
  • Search ISWCs, ISRCs and Tunecodes
  • Check your works

Linking metadata

Matching song metadata to recordings can be slow, causing delays in royalty payments to songwriters, composers and publisher.

The creator's guide

We are committed to driving the entire music industry towards a single and unified data strategy, a common rail which is built on transparency and trust. This is why we launched our Nexus Programme which is aimed at moving the industry from merely discussing its data problems to solving them.
Andrea Czapary Martin CEO of PRS for Music