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Get to know our metadata tool

Nexus, our brand-new search tool, allows members to explore a subset of our works database and check the data linked to their music is correct.

Find out more about the tool and the data held on Nexus below.

If you have any issues using the Nexus metadata portal, contact our member support team through our case portal

Want to know more about the metadata linked to your music and why it's important in getting you paid? Check out the Get Paid Guide

What metadata does Nexus include?

Core Data Elements Description
Recording ID (ISRC) International Standard Recording Code
Recording Title Title of the Recording
Year The year of the first publication of the Recording
Duration Duration in minutes and seconds for the Recording (e.g. 3m30s)
Recording Artist The principal artist/s featured in the Recording
Work ID (ISWC) International Standard Work Code
Tunecode PRS unique identification between Recordings and Works - Tunecode for the recorded work
Work Title Registered Work title
Writer Name/IPI No./ Role Work writer/s IPI name/IPI Number/Writer Role

Frequently Asked Questions

The recordings and works metadata included in the Nexus portal is collected by PRS for Music from works registrations from members and affiliate societies.

The links between ISRC and tunecodes are largely based on information provided from recorded media sources. Recordings released as digital only are currently not included.

  • Every Recording will be identified by an ISRC. Some works may not contain an ISWC, but all works will have a PRS tunecode.
  • If we hold a link between a PRS tunecode and an ISWC, we have, where possible, provided the preferred ISWC (where multiple ISWCs have been assigned, this will be the principle ISWC used in the ISWC system).

Nexus uses a subset of the PRS for Music database. There are currently close to three million searchable works, with regular updates scheduled.

The following data is not included: 

  • Works with disputes related to ownership, authorship or author-share
  • Where records have duplicate ISRCs and tunecodes
  • Recordings where multiple songs are combined
If you can’t see your work in Nexus, don't worry. The Nexus portal only contains a subset of the main database so you may not find a specific work you are looking for. You can access the comprehensive list of works we represent here.
We make necessary updates to the existing works in Nexus on a weekly basis. We do this outside of normal UK office hours to minimise disruption.
    We have systems in place to manage changes in works data and validate claims. If you find issues with the links between your works and recordings, including the ISRC, ISWC/tunecode and Title, you can raise a case via the portal.

    If you find issues with the recording metadata, we recommend contacting your publisher or record label.

We have robust processes in place to manage the supply of data and disputes around ownership. These well-established mechanisms will apply to any requests to amend the data being published.

A work only needs a tunecode to get paid royalties. All works will automatically have a tunecode if they are registered with us.

ISRCs and ISWCs are not needed to get paid but they do help with matching so the royalties go to the rightful owner(s).

Nexus uses a subset of the data available in Search Works database. For the works included in Nexus Portal you can see the link between a recording, when a work has a link to an IRSC and a tunecode.

This is useful because correctly linked ISWCs, ISRCs and tunecodes mean that it's easier for us to match the royalties to the rightful owner.

If you find that any of the linked data in recordings and works is incorrect, please get in touch with us via the case portal.

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