DJ royalties

We pay royalties for music that's played by DJs at licensed venues and festivals. We're able to pay these royalties correctly when we receive accurate set lists from licensees or the DJs themselves. 

Submitting a DJ set list

If you’re a DJ playing music in pubs, bars, clubs, concert venues or at festivals, the people whose music you have played could earn royalties if you submit your set lists through our online reporting system.

Other ways of tracking music use

Where we haven't received a set list, our music researchers gather music usage information. We calculate the royalty rate by combining this with similar broadcast data or according to number of plays. 

Since October 2018, we have been using Music Recognition Technology (MRT) to help identify music played by DJs a a number of licensed venues and festivals. The usage data we gather is being used to supplement and improve distribution methods to make them more accurate and representative.

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