Claiming unpaid royalties

Sometimes music is used and we're unable to identify who to pay. However, we have several lists and online tools to help you identify then claim any royalties that you might be due.

How to claim unpaid royalties

If you're a member, you can log in to access more information and make a claim for these unpaid royalties.

Public access

We also make this information available to the public, just in case you're not a member yet.

Online Copyright Control

Unpaid Online UK royalties for Copyright Control shares of works occur when not all the shares on a work have been claimed.

Online unmatched usage

Unpaid Online UK royalties for unmatched works occur when we've been unable to identify who to pay the royalties to.

Unfortunately there's no current qualifying tracks that meet the £100 minimum threshold for this quarter. Please check back when we update again in Q4.

Unnotified works

Publisher members can review all our unnotified works - these are works where the writer has been identified but publisher details have not yet been confirmed.

Each usage is worth at least £1.00.

Works are divided according to their approximate royalty value into the following four bands:

££££ - Works worth over £100+
£££ - Works worth between £50-99
££ - Works worth between £25-49
£ - Works worth between £1-24

Concerts and Events

Members can review our list of concerts and events which are available for distribution. Events from 2018, 2019 and 2020 are still being actively researched by PRS for Music.

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