Online Live Concert Licence

The popularity of various online events has grown beyond all expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The songwriters, composers and publishers must be able to share in the benefits this change brings. A licence is needed if members are to receive any royalties.

In order to meet the changing dynamics in the market we are offering a specific licence for ticketed and sponsored online live concerts, and those requiring donations to view the event. We have a variety of different licensing options, which are determined by the size of the event. By answering a few simple questions you can find out how to obtain the licence best suited to your event.

Who needs this licence?

Anyone wishing to live stream a concert taking place in the UK or one of our managed territories (Malta, Cyprus, Gibraltar, The Bahamas or Bermuda), such as promoters, event producers or those responsible for the streaming of music performances.

What this licence covers

Online Live Concert licence covers the communication to the public and associated mechanical and synch rights of the repertoire we represent. The licence is per event and covers you for 72 hours from your first webcast any further footage will need to be licensed separately.

International revenues

We are working with our sister societies to provide the broadest possible territorial coverage excluding the United States. Please contact the licensing team at for further information in the event you expect broad international revenues from your event.

Branded events

Online Live Concert licence covers the use of members repertoire by promoters and venues staging events funded by sponsorship and advertising. However, it does not cover concerts that require prior approval for the use of members repertoire in sponsorship and/or branded events. If you need a licence for this use, please contact us on

How much does it cost?

To support the live sector during its forced closure, we have set an interim discounted rate for online live concerts. These discounts are based on the music you use and the level of service you require from us. Events up to £1,500 will operate under the separate small concert scheme, with licences starting at just £25+VAT. Use our handy tool to find our which rate applies to your online live concert.

When we return to holding concerts in person and at full capacity, a permanent rate will be set. This will be benchmarked against those applied to other online premium video and/or music streaming services, reflecting both the rights exploited and the market in which they operate. 

Unsure which licence you need? Answer a few simple questions to find out

Do I need a licence for my online concerts in 2020?

In January we stated we were not seeking licences from small online live events which had taken place before 28 January 2021 and generated up to £500. We are extending this commitment and will now not be pursuing licences from events which generated up to £1,500 in revenue prior to that date.

All online concerts whose revenues were above £1,500 must obtain a retrospective licence.

Theatrical and variety events

If you’re live streaming a ticketed theatrical or variety online event we have a range of published licensing solutions available. To find out which licence is best for your event contact us at As well as providing support obtaining a licence we can also advise on any element needing further clearance, such as Grand Rights and Interpolated music.

What do I do if my concert is taking place both online and physically?

You will need to separately license both the physical and online elements of your concert.

PRS for Music can assist you with the online element of your licence. You can use our handy tool to confirm the options available to you.

You need to contact PPL PRS Ltd to on 0800 072 0808 to license the physical element of your concert.

What if I’m a member performing my own work?

If you are performing at your own online live concert, where you control all of the works being performed (both performing and publishing rights) you can obtain a simple online discretionary licence.

Do I need to submit a setlist for my online live concert?

Yes, we are asking everyone to submit a setlist for their events. To pay royalties to the songwriters, composer and publishers whose works have been performed we need an accurate record of the event. Setlists can be submitted using the music reporting form.


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