Radio royalties

We pay royalties for our members' works that are played on national, local, international, online and digital radio stations that are broadcast in the UK.

How we calculate

To track what's played and when, we use several methods:

  • Pay-per-play 
  • Representative samples
  • Research and analogy

Pay-per-play radio stations

We calculate royalties per minute of playing time on many radio stations. They include, but are not limited to, various national stations owned by Global and Bauer as well as all BBC stations.

Radio rate checker

Check the per-minute royalty rates that apply to distributions from Radio broadcasters.

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Sample collection radio stations

For some stations, we track the music that's played on sample days. We pick a random set of sample days for the broadcaster to report and then base our distribution on the music reported in that given sample.   

You will need to log in to view the sample day data.

Analogy collection radio stations

It's not always cost-effective to track every play, or use information from sample days. This is usually when the radio station plays the same repertoire of music.

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