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  1. 14 Oct 2019

    PRS Explores Artificial Intelligence

    PRS for Music and a panel of industry experts, policy makers and technology developers dive into what AI means for the music industry.

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  2. 22 Jan 2018

    PRS Explores: Immersive Technology

    Throughout 2017 there was a growing interest and debate around the potential for ‘immersive technologies’, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) to transform how we interact with digital information.

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  3. 14 Dec 2017

    Social media: how can we get it right?

    We live in an age where an organisation’s social media presence can make or break a brand.

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  4. 23 Nov 2017

    Why PRS needs Business Intelligence

    Success for the Business Intelligence (BI) team is all about getting the right information to the right people, to be used at the right time and in the right way.

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  5. 10 Nov 2017

    ICE Services: the what, how and why

    A unique hub for copyright, processing, licensing and business services.

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  6. 30 Aug 2017

    Changing for the better - moving our statements online

    One of the key missions of our project to improve our digital services is to make sure that the information we provide to our members, customers and affiliate societies is as clear and simple to use as possible.

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  7. 10 Aug 2017

    How can we help? - A new way of solving queries

    We've updated our help center to make it easier to find the answers you need

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  8. 5 Jul 2017

    What do you think of our new and improved website?

    What do you think of our new and improved website?

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  9. 9 May 2017

    We're improving our website

    Updates to the website include a new login page, content and a responsive design.

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  10. 16 Dec 2016

    A new way to report live performances is coming

    After months of hard work, we are excited to announce our brand new online tool for members to report their live performances.

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