Social media: how can we get it right?

We live in an age where an organisation’s social media presence can make or break a brand.

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We live in an age where an organisation’s social media presence can make or break a brand. Think Boaty McBoatface and Susan Boyle’s unfortunate choice of hashtag, both of which caused quite a stir on the internet for all the wrong reasons. The way that we engage with our social media following is massively important and we need to get it right, but how?

Defining our social objectives

Here at PRS for Music, we’re currently in the process of a huge social media overhaul. Our first step was to audit our existing social media channels and remove accounts that were no longer in use. We then merged duplicate profiles and made sure our most used profiles were verified. It was then time to create our objectives:

  • Celebrate our diverse and talented community of members
  • Raise awareness around what we are doing to promote and protect the value of copyright
  • Inform members of best practices to increase royalties

Our tools

Working with Hootsuite, we’ve begun launching a new social media strategy that primarily focuses on our members’ needs. Our aim is to provide insights and guides for members, real-time support and communications and a platform to showcase our members’ talent through a range of content types designed for the desired social media platform.

Day-to-day management

We’ve created a set of guidelines that allow us to answer any queries quickly and efficiently by outlining which questions we can deal with and which we need to send on to other departments. Our guidelines also ensure that we respond to each individual in a way which is tailored specifically to them. We realise that consistency in the tone of voice of our messaging is key, but we also understand that members want a personalised service too.

Social enables us to see the obvious

Surveys and data might be helpful when thinking long-term, but by monitoring social media posts and comments directly on Facebook or Twitter in real-time, we are able to respond and react to feedback and news far more quickly.

We have been able to provide support through these social media channels and have seen an increase of 100% in incoming messages over the past 12 months and expect this to grow further as we improve our services for members.


Our content, which is created by our talented in-house team of designers and writers, is focused on education and transparency; keeping members informed about ways to maximise royalties and how we can help them do this. We’re working hard on developing our editorial calendar and planning ahead to make sure messages are timely, relevant and accessible for our users, using easy to consume content such as GIFs, video and live streaming.

Over the next few months you should see more helpful guides and improved member support.

Join in with the conversation! Tell us what you would like to see from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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