Licensing music

We collect royalties through licensing agreements with every size of business. These licences cover all kinds of music use, whether it’s for digital, broadcast, production or public play and performance. 

Without us, businesses would have to contact thousands of songwriters, composers and music publishers directly to obtain permission to use their music. Likewise, songwriters, composers and music publishers would have to deal with thousands of requests from music users. Through licensing, we make this process simple and straightforward for both parties.

Releasing music products

We license the copying or creating of physical and digital formats. This includes CDs, DVDs, downloads, magazine cover-mounts, production music, karaoke and musical toys.

Online and mobile

We collect royalties from digital providers of all sizes, wherever they use our members’ work for their service. This includes work that’s used for ringtones and ringbacks. We can also license outside of the UK and across territories to meet the global challenge of digital music use.

Broadcast TV and radio

We currently license hundreds of TV and radio stations in the UK. This includes mainstream stations such as the BBC and small community radio services. We also offer licences for podcasts, corporate productions, websites, hospital radio and ringtones.

Public performance

Some of the world’s best-known entertainment brands and multi-nationals license their music use through us. Many small businesses, such as hairdressers and cafes, also license their music use. Our range of licences reflect this wide variety of business users, to make licensing as simple as possible.