PRS Explores Artificial Intelligence

PRS for Music and a panel of industry experts, policy makers and technology developers dive into what AI means for the music industry.

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‘PRS Explores: Artificial Intelligence - Melody + The Machine’ explored what AI means for the creative side of the music industry in the here and now; and what it may mean in ten, twenty years and beyond. What can the music industry do to harness its potential?

Our moderator for the evening was Emma McClarkin, a former Member of the European Parliament and known Tech and International Trade Specialist. When in the European Parliament, Emma sat on the Committee for Culture, working extensively on the Digital Single Market, particularly in respect of intellectual property and copyright. Emma brings a wealth of knowledge about copyright reform and its repercussions for the creative industries.

Industry experts, Andrew Burgess, author of The Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence and Lydia Gregory, co-founder of creative services company, FeedForward AI and Matthew Hawn, Chief Product Officer at Audio Network,  bring practical know how, with experience of ways we can use technology to enable human creativity and the impact AI can have on music creators.

We were also be joined by Lord Clement Jones. As Chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, he believes that the UK has a unique opportunity to shape AI positively for the public’s benefit and can lead the world in developing ethical standards for its use.

This event was live streamed on Thursday 17 October 2019. You can watch PRS Explores again below.

PRS Explores Artificial Intelligence Visual Logo
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