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  1. 2 Nov 2016

    Cloudy, with a good chance of sunshine

    Changeable as British weather, the digital landscape is a place where it pays to be ready, and to adapt fast.

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  2. 28 Oct 2016

    EY Startup Challenge 2016: Blockchain & DRM

    We were invited with PPL to mentor entrepreneurs that are investigating the potential use of Blockchain in the world of Digital Rights Management (DRM).

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  3. 10 Aug 2016

    How we are tackling music piracy

    In a fast paced and ever-changing technological landscape one thing remains constant: music piracy continues to be a huge problem for the industry.

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  4. 11 Jul 2016

    Focusing our improvements

    We’re improving our digital services here at PRS for Music, and are pulling together to update the products that our members, staff and customers use on a daily basis.

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  5. 15 Jun 2016

    We are listening...

    As we start out on the journey to improve our digital services, one of our key objectives is complete transparency around what we are doing and how we are doing it.

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  6. 2 Jun 2016

    Understanding what our members need

    We know that in order to design and build a service that people really want, it needs to be based on what people actually need.

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  7. 25 Apr 2016

    PRS Explores: Blockchain

    Blockchain has been the hot topic in music circles over the past 12 months, driven in part by a specific focus placed on its potential by talks at Midem, and the ‘Rethink Music’ report that came out last year.

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  8. 18 Apr 2016

    Alpha, Beta, Live!

    You may have seen or heard the use of Alpha and Beta testing before, but what does it all mean?

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  9. 10 Apr 2016

    Digital design principles

    In our quest to become more user centric and digital, we’ve been inspired by the design principles published by GOV.UK.

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  10. 29 Mar 2016

    Introducing our Digital Journey

    Thanks for stopping by. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be posting news about all the exciting digital transformations taking place here at PRS for Music.

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