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A few years ago when going to your local supermarket you would queue up for what felt like an age to buy a few items. The odds are you’d usually get stuck behind someone doing their weekly shop and the cashier scanning the items might be taking forever. At this point, you’d probably think to yourself ‘can’t I bypass the queue and scan my item myself?’ or ‘wouldn’t it be better if someone could bring my shopping to my house?’ Then, as luck would have it, the internet happened and self-checkouts and home delivery became part of the norm.

Most membership organisations, whether it be the AA or the National Trust, are now enabling their customers to become more self-serving, and we are no different. As part of our project to improve our digital services, we have been working on ways for our website users to find answers quickly online.

From today, anyone that uses our website will be able to do this by using a brand new way of searching for information on our site. Whether their query is about changing their bank details or when they will be paid for their radio plays, it is now a much more streamlined journey for them to find the answers they’re looking for.

The language that we use is clear and simple. We have tried to avoid industry terms where possible, but in instances that are unavoidable, a pop-up glossary provides users with clear definitions as to what it all means.

Overall, the update will mean that those using our website can answer their common queries online in a quicker and easier way. Our new systems now also provide us with improved analytics so that we can better understand how users interact with the website. This means we’ll have more information to shape future improvements and allows us to quickly make changes to content to make sure it is useful.

You can check out the update now, and for any queries that need further action, our dedicated staff are still on-hand to help via the contact form on our website.

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