PRS Values - Pioneering


We’re looking beyond today, to shape the future of music rights.


In a changing world, we defend our members’ rights and we support them however we can.


More than just words, we’re people of action and we’re leading the way.

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Customer first

PRS Values - Customer First

We’re in their shoes

We look at things from our customers’ point of view, to understand their needs and respond accordingly.


We’re friendly and enthusiastic 

Always going the extra mile

We go above and beyond to help our members and customers, in every way we can.

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PRS Values - Inclusive


From classical to country, prog rock to grime, we support all music-makers.

Same beat, different drum

We combine the diverse, yet complimentary, aspects of our internal teams and our partners to get the best results.

Established and emerging

We represent songwriters, composers and publishers at every level, proudly and equally.

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PRS Values - Integrity

An open book

We’re straightforward and open. Our communications are clear and grounded, so you always know where you stand with us.

Value driven

We are competitive; we deliver the best outcome for the collective.

What’s right?

We lead by example. Our complex industry requires a great deal of inquiry from us. We always ask, ‘What’s right?’ and then act accordingly.

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PRS Values - Collaboration

Working together

We ask questions of those in different teams and fields, to understand the bigger picture, and to better solve problems.

A common goal

We work with others and share our knowledge. It’s what makes us a trusted brand

Do it once

Collaboration creates efficiency. We involve everyone required to make sure we don’t duplicate.

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