Camber is our headline typeface for the PRS for Music brand. Chosen for standout and ownability, Camber is used for print and online.

Camber regular example

We only use Camber in the following weights dependent on where it is being used. For most applications the Light to Medium cuts will do nicely. Use bold sparingly, and only use when applicable.

Camber light
Camber regular
Camber medium
Camber semi bold
Camber bold

Mister K

Mister K Regular is the secondary typeface for the PRS for Music brand, it should only used in conjunction with The Stave as a hand written sign-off. This should be used for additional personality to reflect the membership. Please note it should not be used for headline text or body copy.

Mister K example
Mister K regular

System font

Use Verdana for any application that requires the use of a system font over the brand typeface. Please note: only use Verdana when it is not possible to use Camber e.g. email signature or Powerpoint.

System font example
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