Primary photography

These examples, where our brand colours are highlighted in the image, work brilliantly. They are lively, enthusiatic and fun, and help to emphasising our brand palette.

Action shots

Should have an energy and life to them. They are bursting at the seams with emotion, power and movement.

Action shot 1
Action shot 2


These should hero one, or a few people. Their face/faces should be prominent and well lit.

Portrait 1
Portrait 2

Cut-out photography

Cut-outs can be made from images of performers and writers. They can be in both full color and duotone.

Cut out photography

Photographic treatments

Half tone

Portraits in half tone
Half tone
Another colour
Additional colour


Duotone images can be used throughout the brand for a subtler colour when a pop of bright brand colours are used over the top.

Crowd duotone
Singer duotone
switching account

Switching your account...