The Performing Right Society (PRS) achieved record financial results for 2016. Royalties paid out to our members for the public use of their musical works exceeded half a billion pounds for the first time in UK music history, reaching an all-time high of £527.6m, up 11.1% (52.5m) year-on-year.

PRS achieved record high royalty revenues of £621.5m, which on a constant currency basis represents 10.1% growth on 2015. All of the four main revenue streams achieved growth or remained stable.

  • Milestone reached as £527.6m is paid out in royalties to songwriters, composers and music publishers
  • Revenues up 10.1% year-on-year to £621.5m
  • 33% more music creators receive royalties
  • Royalties paid out on a record 4.2 million works
  • 4.3 trillion performances of music reported worldwide – a data volume increase of 80%

NB: All income revenue figures are shown on a constant currency basis

£million 2016 2015 %
International 233.7 195.6 19.5
Public Performance 183.2 175.2 4.6
Broadcast 124.1 124.2 -0.1
Online 80.5 42.4 89.9
Total 621.5 537.4 15.6
Revenue on a constant currency basis 621.5 564.3 10.1

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