It’s important that our finances continue to improve year-on-year, offering better financial reward for our members. Each review identifies growth areas to guide our immediate work and feed our longer-term strategies. We also analyse any changes to music use across the globe. And closely monitor the outgoings that keep our investments in tune with members’ needs. 


We collected £537.4 million in royalties. We distributed £460.9 million of this to our members and affiliate societies. 

Performance summary

We delivered more money to our members, with an 8.4% increase in distributions. This equate to an extra £35.6 million, when compared with 2014. 


2015 2014 %
International 195.6 188.3 3.9
Public Performance 175.2 168.3 4.1
Broadcast 124.2 119.3 4.1
Online 42.4 37.6 12.8
Total 537.4 513.5 4.7
Revenue on a 
constant currency basis
537.4 502.4 7.0

Unlike previous years, these results do not include the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited (MCPS) financial figures. MCPS are a separate legal entity with separate Board and Management structures.

Read the details

You can read the full details of our performance in 2015 in the following PDF reports.