How we’re governed

PRS for Music is the brand name used by the Performing Right Society Limited (PRS) and its operating company PRS for Music Limited. 

PRS for Music Ltd also provides services to the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) under a service level agreement. PRS and MCPS are separate companies, each with their own Boards of directors: the Members’ Council (previously known as the PRS Board) of PRS and the MCPS Board of MCPS.

PRS for Music Ltd has a separate board of directors  (the Board) which sets strategy and supervises the operations of PRS for Music. The Board consists of writer and publisher directors that are drawn from the Council, as well as external directors and our CEO.

A team of senior executives, the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), is responsible for the day-to-day management of PRS and PRS for Music Limited, led by our CEO, Andrea C. Martin.

Constitutional documents

The PRS constitution comprises two governance documents: 

PRS for Music Ltd is governed by separate Articles of Association.

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