Works with a possible match

If the details of a work are amended or it is a possible duplicate in our database, this will be flagged as a possible match.

Once we have information on the work’s usage, this becomes an ‘active’ work. An active work, and any related works, are merged into one file by our membership team after checking with the rightsholders. This ensures the royalties are shared correctly among the right members.

Sometimes you’ll see a ‘possible match’ on works that you know are not related. This is because our system is sensitive to all possible duplicates and amends, which means we double-check where there’s any doubt. Once the work has been manually checked by our membership team, the work will either be merged or its ‘possible match’ flag will be removed.

If you have a work that you think should be linked with another, and it doesn’t have a ‘possible match’ flag, please contact our Member Services team.

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