Share splits

There are no rules for how you split the shares between the work’s creators. If you are published, you will have to agree the splits with your publisher before either of you register the work. If you are a member of PRS, your publisher can receive no more than 50 percent of the share. 

How to contest share splits

If you're a writer or publisher

If you feel your share splits are incorrect, we recommend that you amend the work and update the shares information to the split percentage you believe you should have.

This may cause the total share percentage to exceed 100 percent. If so, once the new registration appears in the database, please contact Member Services with both tunecodes and we will merge the registrations and create a counterclaim. You then have 60 days to provide supporting documentation to enforce your claim.

If you work for a society

If you need to contest work shares on behalf of your members, please raise a query and supply us with all the documentation you can. This could include agreements, fiches and ISWC numbers. From there we'll look into it for you. 

Please make sure you're logged in before getting in touch. 

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