We're global

  • We have representation agreements with societies covering 100 countries around the world. We work tirelessly to get the most for our members through these relationships.
  • We provide added focus on managing our members' music in key markets to ensure we’re maximising royalties from these countries on their behalf.
  • We license members' rights directly in various Commonwealth countries including Cyprus, Malta and Bermuda to provide value for their rights and those of our sister societies. 

We're experienced

  • We have an experienced multilingual team with over 200 years of relevant business knowledge between them. 

We're efficient

  • We've delivered sustained international revenue growth for our members over the last 10 years, increasing revenue by £121 million (87%).
  • We provide in-house royalty tracking and revenue assurance services to monitor and claim unpaid royalties on behalf of our members.
  • We provide accurate copyright documentation to societies around the world to unlock the royalties due to our members.
  • We quickly respond to member issues and concerns to deliver the best possible outcomes.

We're unique

  • We offer a unique concert service which gives PRS members optimum value and speed of payment for their major live performances overseas.

We fight for your rights

  • We work with international organisations, including CISAC and GESAC, to improve industry standards and copyright laws for the benefit of our members.
  • We advocate the rights of creators to lawmakers and music users internationally to promote respect and value for the rights we represent.
  • We work collaboratively with societies around the world to improve standards and systems to continually advance the international rights management network.
  • We provide legal support to societies around the world to ensure our members' rights are protected wherever we need to uphold their rights.
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