Performances overseas

We have agreements with societies in more than 150 countries so can pay royalties for performances outside of the UK. As long as the event is licensed, the relevant society has been paid by the promoter or licensee, and the performed works have been registered. 

Tell us about your performances using our new live reporting service, preferably within two years.

How long will it take for a payment?

Reporting a live performance does not guarantee a royalty payment and these can take a while to be processed. Royalties for international performances usually arrive between 9 and 24 months after the claim is submitted, depending on:

  • overseas collection society’s payment schedule
  • venue paying their music licence to the local society
  • promoter paying the local society licence fee

How much will I be paid?

Unfortunately we can't predict royalty amounts from overseas performances. Several factors influence the royalty amounts that societies pay, including:

  • ticket price
  • live tariff applied by the society
  • admin deductions applied by the society
  • number of tickets sold
  • number of acts performing
  • whether you are performing as a headline or support act

What are the live tariffs outside of the UK?

The live tariff is collected by the local society from the promoter or venue of an event to cover the performing rights. These differ according to the territory. 

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