Reporting major tours

Major Live Concert Service

Major Live Concert Service (MLCS™)

Our members can sign up to the Major Live Concert Service (MLCS™) if their live performances are expected to generate a required level of royalties.

We need some key information from you before the tour so we can collect and distribute your royalties efficiently.

UK tours

Our members can sign up to the UK MLCS™ if their live performances are expected to generate a royalty of £1,000 or more per event.

Information needed before the live performances

Help us to distribute your royalties efficiently by providing the following 14 days in advance of the tour:

  • An itinerary showing towns and venues
  • A set-list (or core list of songs to be performed)

We need this information to offer you:

  • Payment within 60 working days of completion of the UK tour
  • Separate accounting by concert or tour
  • Personalised UK concert licensing and royalty collection advice

Administration charges

We charge an administration charge of £125 per set-list per event. For example, on a tour with one headline act and one support there would be two set-lists, so the total administration charge would be calculated at the number of shows x £250.

Overseas tours

With the Overseas MLCS™, we can provide assistance and advice to members who headline tours abroad. As with the UK Service, it is best if you contact us in advance of the tour. For major international headline tours, you should contact us at least 60 days, and ideally 90 days, in advance of the tour.

  • We can provide advice and information to ensure you receive the correct royalties for your performances and improve transparency at each stage of the process.
  • We have negotiated reduced deductions and improved turnaround times at foreign societies. These are available where it is cost-effective for the societies to do so, and as such are available to our members performing at least 60% of their own works on major international headline tours. We can also provide a real time reconciliation service, which takes into account box office values, local tariffs and discounts, taxes, distribution rules and allocation methodologies, administration deductions, and more.

Access the MLCS™ tool

Do you perform at ticketed overseas concerts? If so, you’ll know how confusing the various different local society tariffs and discounts can be. These figures often vary significantly from territory to territory and have historically been a complex area for bands and their tour managers. We’ve launched an online tool to help members who perform their music internationally negotiate full and fair royalty settlements.

If you've already been granted access to the MLCS™ tool, log in here:

Further information and access

For further information on MLCS™ or to request access, please email