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Malta is bursting with exceptional talent and as such we are committed to celebrating their culture, supporting their work and making sure we license music effectively.

Using music in a business

If you use, play, or perform music in your business or organisation, the chances are you need a music licence.

To comply with the Malta Copyright Act 2000 (chapter 415), your business is legally required to pay for the use of any copyright music on your premises.

Our guide to licensing music in Malta

How tariffs are set

Our tariffs are structured to ensure they can cater for all types of businesses and performances.

These tariffs cover anything from licensing a large club to a small hairdresser.

Each one is tailored to cater for the needs of a particular business sector.

The main aim when setting a tariff is to ensure that our charges for music played or performed in public are fair to both the music creators and our customers. For example, we don’t charge the same fee for music used in a small venue compared with a football stadium or arena.

In Malta, we are also required to submit our tariffs every two years to the Copyright Board.

Once approved these tariffs are then published in the Government Gazette and can be accessed online.

Licensing tariffs

Our published licensing schemes are set and reviewed in consultation with our licensees and, if appropriate, their representative bodies.

Please contact the Commerce Department of the Maltese Government for more information. You can also speak to a specialist copyright lawyer.

If you want to find out more information about your licence and what to expect when you set one up, take a look at our Licensing music page.

Writing music 

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Supporting members

If you are a songwriter or publisher based in Malta, you can also upload your music files to the BMAT reporting system so their use can be tracked. If you need help using the system, just check out the BMAT guide below. 

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If you're a member and need any advice or help please contact us by raising a query or by calling us on +356 209 70075.

If you have any questions about music licensing for your business, please call us on +356 212 32010 or email us.

To arrange a face-to-face meeting with our local representative please email Steve Vassallo.

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