Passenger vessels

What is the purpose of this consultation?

PRS for Music is running a consultation on the terms of a new Passenger Vessels tariff, reflecting our effort to simplify how we license this sector. We have recently embarked on an extensive programme to review and simplify our 44 public performance tariffs. The aim of this project is to create tariffs that are easy to understand as well as simple to purchase and manage. The driving principals of the new tariffs are to understand our customer’s music usage; deliver tariffs which are fair, simple to acquire and manage and; remain cost neutral for the customer base as a whole.

How have you approached this consultation?

PRS for Music has a long history of undertaking consultations on key issues that impact on its members. Making sure to develop proposals that promote simplicity and transparency for both our customers and members. All our consultations are undertaken in line with our published Code of Conduct.

Who is affected by this?

This is a consultation with our current passenger vessel customers, e.g. ferries, pleasure craft, cruise liners and other sea-going vessels charged under PRS for Music’s Tariff PV.

What does the PRS for Music Passenger Vessels Tariff cover?

The tariff covers the charges we make for the performance of copyright music, controlled by PRS for Music on board passenger vessels. You can see what is covered in the proposed tariff.

How do people take part?

For relevant licensee stakeholders, they should go to to download the relevant details and questionnaire. All relevant parties are also being contacted directly via email.

Where can I find the current tariffs applicable to the Passenger Vessels Sector?

You can view our current PV tariff

What happens to the licence fees collected under the Passenger Vessels tariff?

PRS for Music distributions are normally made four times a year, in April, July, October and December. We aim to include payments in the second quarterly distribution after the event has taken place. For example revenue from a May concert would be included in the October distribution.

View details of our distribution cycle.

How does PRS for Music distribute the royalties to its members under the Passenger Vessels tariff?

There are a number of methods to track the music being played in different environments that allows us to distribute as accurately and efficiently as possible, including surveys on businesses and tracking radio play.

View our distribution policy.

What will happen next?

We intend to review all responses thoroughly and maintain an open dialogue with respondents in the hope of arriving at a satisfactory solution for all parties.

What timescales are you looking at to report back?

The passenger vessels consultation runs for 5 weeks. The deadline for responses is 16 December 2016. There will follow a period of review, the details of which we will communicate.

Will you be publishing the findings of the consultation?

Yes. We intend to publish the findings of the consultation subject to any confidentiality provisions as detailed within the questionnaire.

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