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Notice to customers regarding the implementation of the new Hair & Beauty Tariff for music use within hairdressers, barbers, beauty salons and similar businesses

You may be aware that PRS for Music has embarked on a project to simplify its public performance tariffs and in June 2016 concluded a consultation with the hair and beauty sector on the introduction of a dedicated tariff covering the use of PRS for Music repertoire in hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, nail bars, tanning salons, tattoo parlours and all other establishments offering similar services.

Following that consultation, PRS for Music has developed a new tariff, "H&B".  We intend to bring the tariff into effect on the same date as that on which we start conducting our public performance licensing operations through our joint venture company, PPL PRS Limited.

If you are an existing customer of PRS for Music

We will send formal notice of the effective date of change in tariff to you ("Formal Notice"). We will continue to engage with the National Hairdressers Federation up to and after the launch of the new Hair & Beauty tariff.

The tariff has been devised with a view to simplifying the administration of your licence. Most customers will not, as a result of the introduction of the new tariff, experience any increase (other than an increase resulting from our standard indexation provision) in the royalty payable by them for the licence year in which the tariff revision takes effect.

In the meantime, a version of the new tariff is available to review below. This should enable you to calculate the Royalty payable by you once the new tariff becomes effective for the identical use of our repertoire. If you are unsure if and how your Royalty charge will be affected by the application of the new tariff, please contact us and we will provide you with a before and after quote.

Document downloads

For more information please download the consultation document and associated documents available below.

Hair and beauty Tariff

Visit the PPL PRS website to download the Hair and Beauty Tariff

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If you have any queries regarding the changes, or any part of the simplification project please contact us on

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