It takes little effort to show empathy, but the benefits are priceless.

It encourages openness and respect.

It creates meaningful connections that help us work faster and with less stress.

Being warm and approachable shows we understand and care - not by using highbrow analysis but in a simple, intuitive way that is easy to put into action.

Writing warmly

Be supportive

Put yourself in others’ shoes. Going above and beyond is what sets us apart. We’re the ones who care enough.

Be approachable

The first 10 words you write set the tone for the rest of the conversation.

It’s in your power to make people feel instantly at ease. If you’re impersonal and unapproachable, it will raise invisible barriers.

Be relevant

Take a few moments to understand the context of what you’re writing about. Then tailor your language to show you understand.

Use facts specific to the reader and you’ll have a captive audience.

We’re not a faceless, uncaring bunch so don’t let your language drift off into cold, generic territory.

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