We are leaders, pioneers and guardians.

For over 100 years, people have looked to us for advice, guidance and protection. They trust us when we exhibit authority, accuracy and understanding.

By using a confident tone and efficient language we’ll not only assure them of our abilities, they’ll respect our point of view. 

Writing confidently

Be straightforward

Nine times out of 10, the fastest route between two points is a straight line. Our language should follow the same trajectory. Say just enough, then stop. Avoid jargon and business clichés.

Test your straightforwardness: read aloud what you’ve written. Does it soundlike something you’d normally say? If not, edit out any unnecessary language.


Have you ever read something you didn’t really understand? Annoying, isn’t it? That’s why we need to make sure everything we write has a clear purpose and leaves the reader in no doubt what you want them to do next.


When we’re talking about all the good stuff we do, it’s easy to be upbeat and positive. But when we need to explain the detail of contracts or respond to tricky queries, it’s not so simple.

We can undermine people’s confidence and trust when we hide behind technical jargon or become too formal. Instead, try to remain progressive and constructive. You’d be amazed how disarming a bit of empathy can be.

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