We work in one of the world’s most dynamic industries, so the language we use should reflect  our openness to new ideas.
We welcome change and like to hear different opinions. To reflect our original thinking, try to avoid tired clichés and familiar phrases. Keep your language fresh and interesting.

Invite your readers into the conversation. Ask them questions.

Make sure you answer theirs. Draw their attention. And keep them interested.

This helps demonstrate we’re understanding human beings with opinions and curiosity - not an arm’s-length, uninterested corporation.

Writing openly


You don’t need to invent a new language or be too quirky. Avoiding clichés and familiar phrases is a good place to start. Ask questions. State surprising facts.
But don’t force it.


This is about understanding the audience before starting to write. Your readers are probably busy, so put your main points up front.
Use language they’ll understand, not industry jargon.Offer clear, simple ways for them to respond.


Ask for opinion. Invite debate.
Discover if there’s anything we could be doing better

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