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Interested in standing for the PRS Members' Council? Here are some Q&As you may find useful:

First, in order to put yourself forward you need to be a Principal Voting Member. If you’re not sure if you are, check the top left of your monthly newsletter or if you’re still unsure, contact us.

You need to be nominated by ten other Principal Voting Members (writers or publishers).

If you’ve checked both points above, here’s what you’ll need to submit through our Nominations platform:

  1. Email addresses of your ten supporters; Please first make sure you have their consent to share this information with the platform
  2. A short biography (no more than 300 words)
  3. A short manifesto statement (approximately 300 words)
  4. A list of any current directorship and any directorships you have held in the last five years
  5. A recent head and shoulder photograph of a high enough resolution for it to be reproduced without losing quality (ideally in landscape format)

The information in points two and five above will be included in the 2023 Members’ Council Ballot booklet together with the names of your ten supporters. The booklet will be shared with all members who are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

All eligible members will receive an email with an invitation to confirm their interest in applying for a place on the Member’s Council.

Once you have expressed to us your interest to stand, our Governance team will be in touch soon afterwards with a link to the Nominations platform and instructions on how to use it to complete and submit your nomination.

If you think you are eligible, but you haven’t received the email within 48 hours contact us.

The deadline to submit your nomination is 5pm on Friday 24 February.

For full information on criteria and eligibility visit our membership categories page.

There are three writer positions available in 2023. No publisher seats are open this year.

If there are more candidates standing for the Members’ Council than there are positions available after the deadline for submission of nominations, then a ballot process will take place.

Candidates’ information and ballot papers are sent to Principal Voting and Voting members who can vote in the ballot. The results of the ballot decide who will be proposed as Council Members at the AGM.

As there are only writer Council Member vacancies in the 2023 Members’ Council Ballot, only Principal Voting and Voting writer members can vote.

Once someone is elected, they sit on the Council for a term of three years. At the end of the term, they will retire or, if they want to, they can stand for re-election. Council Members can only serve for a maximum of 5 terms in total.

Council Members play a very important role in influencing how your society runs and makes sure that we continue to do the best we can for our entire membership.

The Council is focused on:

  • Making sure that we are in close touch with your views, concerns and the needs of the wider membership
  • Stategic oversight, reviewing company performance and holding the board of directors of its operating subsidiary, PRS for Music Limited (the “Board”), and management to account.
  • Approval of the corporate strategy, annual budget and accounts, progressing diversity and international issues
  • The Members’ Council meets at least 3 times a year and many Council Members also actively participate in committees or subgroups for which they attend meetings, or they may sit on the board of PRS’s subsidiaries or joint ventures. The issues that might be discussed in a Members’ Council meeting include PRS performance and membership strategy, the budget and accounts, funding decisions that affect members, diversity, international issues. Its formal committees also look at financial performance, risk, compliance and litigation, remuneration and succession planning

A Council Member is also a director of a UK company which is a commitment with legal duties and responsibilities.

A Council Member is expected to:

  • Understand PRS’ purpose, code and vision and embrace PRS’ values
  • Allocate time to prepare and read papers in advance of each meeting and attend meetings
  • Participate in PRS’ committees, sub-groups and subsidiaries
  • Comply with statutory duties of a director under English law, including to promote the success of PRS for the benefit of all members, and to avoid/declare conflicts of interest
  • Safeguard and not disclose any PRS confidential information

There are at least three Members’ Council meetings a year, at which all Council Members are expected to present. Council Members are also expected to attend the AGM.

Many Council Members also actively participate in committees or subgroups for which they attend meetings or they may sit on the board of PRS’s operating subsidiary, PRS for Music Limited (known as “the Board”) or its committees or joint ventures. In Council, Board and Committee papers are circulated in advance of each meeting via a secure digital board portal which Council Members are expected to utilise to prepare for meetings.

The average volume of reading materials for each meeting is approximately 165 pages.

Our Council Members are paid yearly to cover their attendance at the Council, Board and Committee meetings, plus any work outside of these meetings. The basic fee is approved by other members and changed each year by reference to the Retail Price Index (RPI).

The current yearly payment is £17,671. Expenses can be reimbursed if incurred in line with reference to our expenses policy.

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The Council is currently made up of:

  • 10 writer Council Members and 9 publisher Council Members (elected by our Principal Voting and Voting members
  • Four independent non-executive Council Members who bring valuable expertise from outside the music industry
  • One executive director (our CEO)

The number of writer and publisher Council Members will gradually reduce each year until 2024 when there will be a total of 21 Council Members on the Members’ Council (of which 8 will be writers and 8 will be publishers).


Please contact us if you have questions that aren’t covered by this Q&A.
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