Our 2021 AGM 

Our 2021 AGM will take place on Wednesday 19 May. You'll be able to tune in here from 2pm, with the event officially starting at 2.30pm.

We want to make sure we continue to make the event accessible to as many of you as possible, so the 2021 event will be held completely online. 

What is the AGM? 

Our AGM is a yearly event that gives you the chance to see how PRS is performing. Under PRS’ Articles of Association we’re required to hold one every year and we use it as an opportunity for you to hear from representatives from the Members' Council and our Executive Leadership Team, and ask them questions.

If you’re a Principal Voting or Voting member, you’ll also receive our annual accounts and can vote to elect (or re-elect) our Council Members and auditors. In 2021, the way members vote for appointments to the Council will be different to previous years, specifically:

  • Writer members, and successors to writers, will vote for writer candidates
  • Publisher members, and successors to publishers, will vote for publisher candidates

All members can watch our AGM online, regardless of membership category.

Our 2020 AGM took place at 12pm on Tuesday 18 August.

Watch a recap of the AGM including the speeches, formal business and Q&A session.

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