PRS AGM and Directors' Ballot

Our 2020 AGM (Annual General Meeting) will take place on 19 May at 30 Euston Square in London. We’ll be in touch with more information in the coming months.

What is the AGM?

Our AGM is a yearly event that gives you the chance to see how PRS is performing. Under PRS’ Articles of Association we’re required to hold one every year and we use it as an opportunity for you to hear from our Executive Leadership Team, and ask them questions.

If you’re eligible to come along to the AGM, you’ll also receive our annual accounts and can vote to elect (or re-elect) our Board directors and auditors. 

Who can attend?

If you’re a Voting or Principal Voting member (if you’re not sure, check the top of your monthly newsletter) you can attend in person. If you’re not able to attend, or you’re not a Voting or Principal Voting member, don’t worry, we live stream the whole event to all members, so you won’t miss out.

What is the PRS Board?

The Board is our governing body. It is made up of 25 directors:

  • 11 writers
  • 11 publishers
  • Two external directors (who bring valuable expertise from outside of the music industry)
  • One executive director (our Chief Executive)

Our Board members are directors of the Performing Right Society Ltd and have legal duties under the Companies Act 2006. A director’s term of office lasts for three years. At the end of each term directors may stand for re-appointment.

For more details please see our Rules & Regulations and Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Directors' Ballot

If you’re a Principal Voting member, you can stand and nominate others to stand in the Directors’ Ballot. This determines which candidates are eligible for appointment or re-appointment to the Board at the AGM. Voting and Principal Voting members can vote in the Ballot.

The 2020 Directors’ Ballot will open in early April. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive an email in the coming weeks with all of the information you need to put yourself forward. You can also view our role of a director document for more information on what the position involves and the election process.

The deadline to submit your nomination is 5pm on Tuesday 19 February.

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