Members' Council

At our 2020 AGM, our Principal Voting and Voting members voted in changes to the way we are governed. This means that our Board/Council structures are changing over a period of three years (to be completed by 2023).

The below highlights how the Members’ Council (previously the PRS Board) is structured now and how this will change.

The Members’ Council is currently made up of 27 directors led by a Chair and a Deputy Chair (publisher and writer respectively) who are elected by the Council from among the Council Members. The Council Chair is responsible for running the Council's meetings. 

The Council is focused on making sure that we are in close touch with the views, concerns and needs of you, our members. A  President, who is elected by the Council from among the Council Members now leads the Council in its focus of being in close touch with the membership. 

Its other focuses are on strategic oversight, reviewing company performance and holding the Board to account. It approves the corporate strategy, annual budget and accounts, and the appointment of our CEO and Board members. 

The Council is made up of:

  • 11 Writer Council Members and 11 publisher Council Members (elected by our Principal Voting and Voting members) 
  • Four independent non-executive Council Members who bring valuable expertise from outside the music industry
  • One executive director (our CEO).

The number of writer and publisher Council Members will be reduced from 11 to eight in each category. This will be implemented gradually from 2021 to 2023. From 2021, three seats available to publisher Council Members will be reserved for the Designated Publisher Council Members.

Principal Voting members can put themselves forward to be a Council Member and can nominate other Principal Voting members to do the same. 

A Council Member’s term of office last three years. At the end of each term Council Members need to retire, but can put themselves forward for re-appointment, subject to a limit of five three-year terms in total. 

The Directors’ Ballot determines the eligibility of candidates for appointment or re-appointment to the Council by members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Chair and Deputy Chair

Nigel Elderton
Nigel Elderton - Chair (publisher) peermusic (UK)
Michelle Escoffrey credit Ernest Simons
Michelle Escoffery - President of the PRS Members’ Council
Dru Masters
Dru Masters - Deputy chair (writer)

Writer Council Members

Barry Blue
Barry Blue
Fiona Bevan
Fiona Bevan
Tom Gray
Tom Gray
Crispin Hunt
Crispin Hunt
Steve Levine
Steve Levine
Julian Nott
Julian Nott
Philip Pope
Philip Pope
John Truelove headshot
John Truelove
Pete Woodroffe
Pete Woodroffe

Publisher Council members

Jackie Alway
Jackie Alway - Universal Music Publishing International 
Simon Anderson
Simon Anderson - Audio Network
Janet Andersen
Janet Andersen - BMG
Antony Bebawi
Antony Bebawi - Sony/ATV
Chris Butler -  Wise Music
Alexander Kassner
Alexander Kassner – Kassner Associated Publishers
Richard King - Faber Music
Roberto Neri
Roberto Neri - Downtown Music
Jo Smith
Jo Smith - Warner/Chappell Music
Simon Platz
Simon Platz - Bucks Music Group

Independent Non-Executive Council Members

Stephen Davidson
Stephen Davidson
Erica Ingham
Erica Ingham
Tom Toumazis
Tom Toumazis MBE

Executive Director

Andrea C. Martin
Andrea Czapary Martin

The work of the Members' Council is governed by the PRS constitution, which comprises two governing documents:

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