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ProDub licence 

ProDub licence from PRS for MusicLike you, most songwriters, composers and musicians are small businesses, who more times than not earn very little from their creativity

Like you, songwriters, composers and musicians deserve to be paid for their work

If you are copying, burning or transferring their work from your vinyl, CD, MP3 or CD+G collection onto a digital format such as an MP3 player, flash drive or laptop for use in your professional or semi-professional working life, you will need to purchase a ProDub Licence

ProDub licence includes:

  • Copyright in the musical work (MCPS)
  • Copyright in the sound recording (PPL)
  • VAT
  • Permission to copy your legally-purchased music onto any other format
  • A tiered, flexible online payment system with costs dependent on how many tracks are copied within a one year time frame
  • ProDub - Year one/level one tier starts at £212.77 (+VAT) to copy up to 5,000 tracks.*
  • You only pay once for the tracks you copy

* ProDub: Fitness - Year one/level one tier starts at £85.11 (+VAT) to copy up to 1,000 tracks.

The Copyright, Designs & Patents Acts of 1988 requires you to have a licence if you are copying music in this way

ProDub Top-up

Covers repeat ProDub purchasers for up to 1,000 copies £100 (incl. VAT)

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ProDub fitness


Ideal for fitness, aerobics & dance instructors who copy music from CD to digital format for use in class.

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