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We speak to Natalie about the questions you ask the Membership Support team most.

Natalie Tanner

Can you tell us about your role and what you enjoy most about it?

My current role, after 13 years at PRS for Music, is Member Support Coordinator. I’m responsible for assessing your membership queries and assigning them to different team members to investigate further and solve. I’m a people person so I also help train staff and really enjoy liaising with people across the business knowing that I am having a positive impact on members’ experiences with PRS. 

Here are some of the questions I get asked most…

Why am I unable to log into my PRS online account?

If you find yourself in this situation, the first thing to do is click on the ‘forgotten password’ link on the sign-in page. If you have an online account with PRS you will receive a code via email which will help you to access your account.

If you do not receive a code (always remember to check your spam folder!) then we will send you a message explaining that we are unable to find your account. This means that the email address you are trying to log in with is different to the address we hold on our database, or you do not have an online account set up with PRS in the first place.Usually, the issue is that you need to create an online account. Once you’ve done this it will be verified within 24 hours. This is always much quicker than emailing us!

How do I add another user to my online account?

The good news is that this process is simple.

Firstly, log into your online account and click on the ‘my account’ section on your homepage. Then click on ‘manage users’. Within the ‘manage all users’ page, click ‘add user’, then enter their email address, full name and job description. You can also edit the services that your new user is able to access on your behalf. Once submitted, the new user will then receive a confirmation email.

Where is my statement?

We get asked this a lot, especially after a distribution.

Your statement appears in your online account (as part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly).

PRS’ main distributions occur in April, July, October and there are two in December. We only generate a statement if a payment has been made. So, if your royalty amount is below the threshold then a statement will not be available to view via your online account on distribution day until this threshold has been met.

PRS and MCPS has a threshold of £30 for all payments to UK bank accounts and £60 for payments to overseas bank accounts except in October when we lower the threshold to £1. You can find out more about this on our website

Why haven't I received a royalty payment?

The first thing to do is check that all your works are registered with PRS. If any aren’t then we can’t collect royalties for their use on your behalf.

If you’ve received a distribution notification but not a payment, then you need to check that your bank details are up to date via your online account.

If you updated your bank details before a distribution you might have missed the cut off date to do this in time to be paid in that distribution. Details of our distribution dates can be found on our website.

You can also check the distribution schedule to see if the date your work was used is due to be paid out (it's worth noting that overseas royalties can take a little longer). It’s also a good idea to check our cue sheets if the royalties you’re missing are from broadcast

If you still think you’re owed royalties, then you can follow the process outlined on our ‘Check unpaid royalties’ page.

Where are my annual tax statements?

The main questions we receive around annual tax summary statements are ‘Can you send me a copy of my statement?’, or ‘Why am I unable to see my tax summary statement in my online account?’

We create these manually for PRS writer members only. Tax summary statements are posted at the end of May to members who have earned over £1000 in the tax year and are not available to view via your online account.

If you have not reached the threshold to obtain a tax summary statement from PRS, you can work out the tax information via the statements that you have received from PRS during the tax year. There’s more information about doing this on our website.

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