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We’re working to ensure that the royalties you receive whenever your music is used at exhibitions and other similar events, is fair.

Exhibitions Consultation

Have your say in our consultation and help shape the tariff that will determine how much you earn when your music is played as part of an exhibition, industry trade show, consumer fair, fashion show, music themed cultural exhibition or fan convention. 

This will be the first tariff that includes Production Music Sound Recordings so make sure you take part before Tuesday 28 February 2023 so that we can take your view into consideration.

We want to hear your views on:

  • The benefit of introducing a new consolidated tariff for all temporary exhibitions irrespective of the type of venue where the exhibition or event is held.
  • Our policy to license exhibition organisers for the use of background music on stand (rather than the individual stand-holders) and in any off-stand areas.
  • Our approach to licensing the public performance of production music sound recordings (PMSR) within exhibitions.
  • Our proposal to license ticketed music themed cultural exhibitions at museums and other types of venue.

For more details  visit our website and if you have any questions, you can get in touch by emailing using the subject line: ‘Tariff EX Consultation’.

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