Exhibitions, industry trade shows & consumer fairs tariff consultation

In December 2022, we launched a public consultation to the sector on the introduction of a dedicated tariff covering the use of PRS for Music repertoire in exhibitions, industry trade shows and consumer fairs. A summary of the consultation can be viewed here.

The tariff will come into effect in early 2024 and sold via PPL PRS Limited.

If you are an existing customer of PRS for Music

We hope you like the new tariff. It has been designed to simplify the administration of your licence. However, if you are unsure how your licence fee will be affected by the application of the new tariff, please contact us at and we will provide you with a before and after quote.

We will also send you a formal notice of the effective date of change in tariff to you ("Formal Notice").

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If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact us on

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