Small Online Live Concert Licence

Who needs this licence?

UK Promoters or venues wishing to live stream a small-scale ticketed event originating in the UK. This includes DJs, classical and popular music as well as theatre and variety shows. 

What if I’m a member performing my own work?

Members wanting to perform an online ticketed live concert exclusively of their own works, where they will receive all the royalties due, can obtain a licence at no cost to them. The free licence will be available to any individual concert, which qualifies for the small-scale licence, with revenues below £500, throughout the period the live sector is forced to close due to the COVID-19 crisis where the qualifying member is the performer.

What this licence covers

The Online Live Concert licence covers the communication to the public and associated mechanical and synch rights of our members' repertoire through digital services.  

What repertoire is included?

The Online Live Concert Licence covers the global repertoire for audiences within the UK. It also covers the musical works owned or controlled by PRS members and, subject to agreed mandates, international audiences via represenation agreements with our partner societies.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that non-PRS member musical works are covered for tickets purchased outside the UK.

How much does it cost?

For live events with revenue below £500:

Licences are obtained per event.


Licence cost + VAT

Less than £250


£251 - £500


£501 or more

Contact us for more info

Purchase a licence and submit your set list

For live events with revenue of less than £500 you can purchase your licence online.

If you’re running a live streamed event with revenue of over £500, or if you would rather purchase your licence manually, please contact us for more information or to purchase a licence at

I’m a member and I need the free licence

Members can obtain a free licence if:

  • They are wishing to perform an online ticketed live concert of exclusively their own works
  • They would receive all the royalties due, for example they do not have a publisher 
  • The individual concert qualifies for the small-scale licence, i.e. has revenues below £500
  • They are performing

Obtaining a free licence is important because it provides us with all the necessary information to register the event correctly. It‘s also essential that the licence is obtained by the member to whom all the royalties would normally be due, as a clear instruction from them to us not to collect royalties on their behalf for that event.

Where there are multiple members performing together, such as a band, and those members collectively would be due to receive all the royalties from the individual performance, each member will need to obtain their own free licence. We appreciate that this is additional work, but it’s needed to avoid any possible future claim for royalties by any other party against the event.   We have placed the application behind the member login to minimise the amount of information which needs to be collected and to make the application process as simple as possible.

While we are not collecting set lists for events covered by a free licence, although we will accept them if members think it useful for us to have them, members may want to retain a record of the event to evidence the works which were performed in case a claim should be made by another rightsholder in the future.

The free Online Live Concert licence is available throughout the period the live sector is forced to remain closed due to the COVID-19 crisis. 


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