See where your music’s working for you

Your music can be earning royalties everywhere ... on the radio, online, in TV and film … in shops, clubs, local venues and even other countries. But you need the data all in one place.

Open the new Analytics feature in your digital statements and you’ll be able to see just where your music is making you money. Whether you’re looking at the bigger picture or focusing on the details, Analytics puts you in control of the view.

online statements

Slice and dice your royalty data

With the Analytics feature, you can:

  • create snapshot graphs in no time
  • compare the success of works
  • filter further by usage and territory
  • get to the detail in just a few clicks
  • check performance AND mechanical royalties
  • avoid the trawl through PDFs and spreadsheets

You can easily access the Analytics feature in each of your digital Statements.

And if you’re not a PRS member yet, please look around our site then check out our joining page to see if we’re right for you.

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