Listening circles

Thanks to everyone who's joined our listening circles.

A listening circle is similar to a focus group and is a type of facilitated discussion with a group of people, aimed at collecting information about their experiences. Participants are asked to talk about what they know and think and sometimes answer specific questions about a topic. 

The responses have fed into our ongoing diversity and inclusion approach and strategy. They will help us tailor our actions and support for members, so we can become a more diverse and inclusive organisation, and allow us to track progress. 

The first session (in October 2020) was open to all members and was a general discussion about diversity and inclusion at PRS and in the wider music industry. The second and third sessions (in November 2020) were focused specifically on race, encouraging our Black, Asian and minority ethnic members in particular to join. 

More recently (July 2021), we held a session that continued discussion around the experiences of members from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds and music industry colleagues. Another session focused on the experiences of anyone who’s faced challenges associated with age.

We have been working with London-based social enterprise Inspirational YOU to support us on improving our diversity and inclusion approach, who have facilitated the discussions.

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