PRS Board

The PRS Board consists of 25 directors led by a Chairman and two Deputy Chairmen (one writer and one publisher) who are elected by the Board from among the directors. The Board comprises:

  • eleven writer directors and eleven publisher directors (elected by the society’s full and associate members) who represent a broad cross-section of interests and genres
  • two external directors who bring valuable expertise from outside the music industry
  • one executive director (the Chief Executive Officer)

Full PRS members are eligible to stand for appointment or re-appointment to the PRS Board and to nominate other Full members to stand.  A director’s term of office lasts three years. At the end of each term a director is required to retire and may stand for re-appointment. The Directors’ Ballot determines the eligibility of candidates for appointment or re-appointment to the Board by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Chairman and deputy chairmen

Simon Darlow Nigel Elderton Chris Butler
Simon Darlow
Deputy Chairman (writer)
Nigel Elderton
peermusic (UK)
Chris Butler
Deputy Chairman (publisher)
Music Sales

Writer Directors

Barry Blue
Jim Duguid
Jim Duguid
Nicky Graham
Nicky Graham
Edward Gregson
Edward Gregson
Imogen Heap
Imogen Heap
Steve Levine
Steve Levine
Dru Masters
Dru Masters
Mitch Murray
Mitch Murray
Julian Nott
Julian Nott
John Truelove
John Truelove

Publisher Directors

Jackie Alway Simon Anderson William Booth
Jackie Alway
Universal Music Publishing
Simon Anderson
Audio Network
William Booth
Sony/ATV EMI Music Publishing
Stuart Hornall Richard King John Minch
Stuart Hornall
Hornall Brothers Music
Richard King
Faber Music
John Minch
Roberto Neri simon Platz Jo Smith
Roberto Neri
Downtown Music
Simon Platz
Bucks Music
Jo Smith
Warner/Chappell Music

External Directors

Stephen Davidson Mark Poole

Executive Director

Robert Ashcroft

The work of the PRS Board is governed by the PRS constitution, which comprises two governing documents: